Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Miss Gayle Catering, Lexington Community Radio - and oh yeah, the garden.

Just to let you know how the growing season went, we got loads of green beans and bell peppers to freeze, as well as herbs to dry. We dried some beans, black beans and pinto beans. We got celery and scallions, kale and butternut squash, as well as some yellow squash and zucchini. We got some carrots - and some garlic, which I braided and is hanging in our kitchen right now. I canned jam, black raspberry, mint, peach, and grape. And I made some pickled radishes. We have a pile of butternut squash still in the basement that I will probably make puree from and then can for soup or pies. We also got a nice little batch of potatoes from our one volunteer plant that grew from the compost pile. We got a few eggplants, but then something vigorously ate the leaves and the plants appeared sickly - they may have been in a spot that was too shady. The asparagus seem happy where they are. The blueberry and blackberry bushes are ok, as well as the pear trees, the peach tree, the apple trees, and the cherry tree that we planted. Right now we have some fall peas and some kale, as well as more celery, that are still hanging on. The weather has been quite mild so far.

But what I have mostly been doing is not in the garden. I have been working on a new nonprofit project called Lexington Community Radio with a dedicated group of crazy people like myself. Our fledgling program is included in the Blue Grass Community Foundation's Good Giving Guide Challenge this year. We have one station up and running, starting in September, and will have the other station online by April of 2016. If you're curious or would like to help, visit our webpage at for more information.

In addition to various administrative duties, I also write, record, and produce a one hour radio show called "Kosher Cuisine" that airs every week on Thursdays at 2pm. You can livestream our broadcast signal from the LCR webpage. This show features a Jewish holiday or a country with a historical Jewish community presence and discusses relevant recipes and music from that area, as well as teaching about kashrut, differences between Ashkenaz and Sephardi/Mizrahi practice, and food safety. I post the scripts, including all the recipes and links to the music, at under the Blog tab if you would like to check them out.

Oh, yes. Did I mention I now have a niche catering business, in addition to preparing most of the weekly shabbat kiddush meals for our congretation? :)

And, of course, my "day job" is still doing bookkeeping for local yeah, I've been a bit busy. So, how has your summer and fall been?

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