Wednesday, January 20, 2016

As if I didn't have enough to do already...

So, Green Wizards are people committed to preserving old-fashioned ways of doing things, a sort of more practical version of the Society for Creative Anacronism. While blacksmithing, et al, is a useful skill and such-like craftsmen from the SCA tradition are welcome, the Green Wizards are looking more to preserve home-making and small business skills, such as canning food, or paper ledger double entry bookkeeping. Anything that pre-dates computers and industrial-style mass production, such as type setting and paper making, for another example, or bookbinding. So 3-D printing using plastics isn't really what we're looking for, wood carving and ceramic dinnerware is. A sort of home economics (and small businessess, too) of the sort no longer taught in schools. We had our very small inagural meeting last Thursday at Common Grounds coffee house.

Anyone who would like to put us on your schedule, we will be meeting alternate Thursdays at 7pm, mostly at Common Grounds or other locally owned coffee shops. The next meeting is scheduled for January 28th. All are welcome, even if you have no such skills and are just interested in preservation or are looking to learn. See you there!

PS - The Green Wizards webpage can be found at:


Eric Backos said...

Hi Leah
I like your emblem.
I printed out a cartoon of a wizard hat (green, of course) for a table topper.
Marcu of Chapter Number 1223 in Melbourne, Oz, made a real hat out of a quilted shopping bag.
So – 440 is the area code here and 1223 is directory information.
How did you pick 859?

Eric Backos said...

PS - I'm having trouble coming up with anything that doesn't look like a bad copy of Continental heraldry. Any tips?

Leah Gayle said...

LOLs, we noticed the trend. 859 is the area code for the central ky region.

As for heraldry, I have no idea. Maybe post a message on the GW site and see if anyone knows?

Peace, G